Using Interior Design To Transform Your SpaceUsing Interior Design To Transform Your Space

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Using Interior Design To Transform Your Space

After I bought a house, I decided to start decorating a little differently. Instead of using all of the fun items that I had collected over the years to add interest to my house, I started investing in high-end, luxurious touches to perfect my space. Unfortunately, over time, the house started to look like someone else's place instead of my own. It was frustrating, and I knew that I had to fix things. I decided to work with a professional interior design team to narrow down my sense of style and to recommend the right changes. It was amazing to see the difference they made. Check out this blog for ideas on how to make your personal style shine through.

You Go Business Pro: Steps To Make Your Condo Busy-Professional Friendly

If you are a busy professional who takes trips or is gone more often than you are home, there are certain tasks that you will not have time for. One of the main tasks is the cleaning of your home. When you are home, you want to have a place to relax, rather than clean or maintain. If you need to make your home busy-professional friendly, here are some ideas for a self-maintaining home.

Install hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean than carpets. If you get a spill on hardwood, you only need to wipe it up instead of having to spot treat the floor. If you drop dry ingredients on the floor, you can sweep it up quickly rather than having to vacuum the entire room. You also have the option to sweep or vacuum hardwoods for regular maintenance, depending on what is easiest for you to get done. For installation, call local professionals, such as Towne Interiors,

Get air clearing plants

If you are not home often, you may elect to keep your heating and air off. With the doors and windows sealed, you may not get enough air circulation in your condo. In order to keep the air quality clear all of the time, you can invest in air clearing plants. Aloe Vera is a good air clearing plant that you can also use to treat wounds or sunburns. The best thing about Aloe Vera is that it does not have to be watered as often as other plants. Once a week or once every two weeks typically suffices and allows this plant to help the air quality while you are gone.

Put the washer and dryer in the closet

Relocating the washer and dryer may take some design and possible construction in the beginning, but it will make your life easier permanently. Instead of keeping the washer and dryer in its own room or near the kitchen, place your washer and dryer in your closet or inside of the bathroom. Putting the laundry services in one of these spaces will allow you to immediately load your clothing after bathing and changing. It also means that you do not have to leave your room to switch over laundry or even haul it around to put it away.

Invest in a smart home system

Installing smart home system means enabling Wi-Fi on your appliances. This can set your mind at ease as a traveling professional. Wi-Fi can be enabled for your lights, washing machine, and televisions can be controlled by applications by installing the appropriate technology. You can also lock your doors and watch your home's security with the correct applications. Investing in in smart systems for your home's devices mean that you can take care of in-home business while on the go.