Using Interior Design To Transform Your SpaceUsing Interior Design To Transform Your Space

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Using Interior Design To Transform Your Space

After I bought a house, I decided to start decorating a little differently. Instead of using all of the fun items that I had collected over the years to add interest to my house, I started investing in high-end, luxurious touches to perfect my space. Unfortunately, over time, the house started to look like someone else's place instead of my own. It was frustrating, and I knew that I had to fix things. I decided to work with a professional interior design team to narrow down my sense of style and to recommend the right changes. It was amazing to see the difference they made. Check out this blog for ideas on how to make your personal style shine through.

Three Problems With Buying Matching Room Furnishings

When you're setting up a room in your new home, it's easy to visit a local chain home furnishings store and buy a set of items that matches. For example, in the case of a living room, this could be a couple of couches, a coffee table, an entertainment unit, and a bookshelf, all that are meant to share the same space. On the surface, this idea can seem like a good one. Buying everything in a set gives you a matched look, and this is a process that will save time compared to buying individual items from a number of different stores. What you might fail to realize, however, is that there can be some issues with this approach, including the following.

It's Unoriginal

It's nice to feel as though the furnishings in your home and the manner in which you set them up are unique. Unfortunately, this won't be the case when you buy a matching set of room furnishings. Given how many people shop at large home furnishings stores, it's possible that someone you know may have many of these items — and perhaps even may have set them up in a similar manner to you. If you want your home to feel and look original, it's far better to buy select items at a number of different retailers and put together a room using this method.

It Lacks Visual Appeal

Setting up a room by buying everything that matches can lack visual appeal, essentially giving you a "cookie cutter" look that your visitors may like, but about which they don't get excited. When you invite people into your home, you want them to be excited about their surroundings. When you buy different items from different retailers — including perhaps getting some vintage items at second-hand stores — you'll be able to create a space that offers a significant amount of visual appeal.

It Doesn't Show Your Personality

It's nice to live in a home that represents you and your personality, but this won't be the case when you buy matching furnishings that make your home appear like images in a catalog. By making the effort to assemble diverse items when you set up the rooms in your home, you're allowing your personality to come through. Whether it's a vintage concert poster that you find online or some draperies that you bought on a trip overseas and carried home to use, you'll have a space that reflects you. If you need help setting up your home in a custom manner, contact an interior designer, like those at Sav-Mor Interiors.